What is Exhibit M

The Modern Male Revue: is a classy, sexy, live, theatrical show designed to bring women’s ideal masculine fantasies to life through dance, song, style, and performance art.

The production will showcase 10 high-energy musical numbers set to a variety of uniquely beautiful, staged, performance art forms.

Audition Notice

Who we are looking for

Selected performers are required give a 6 month commitment to the project. Must be 21+ years of age

Professional talent preference

Paid Non-Union

Audition date

DANCE + PERFORMERS Auditions: Sept. 20, 2014 (@ Sweatshop Dance Studios, 937 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 80204) 11am-1pm (with possible call backs from 2pm-4pm | if needed)
Dancers must prepare a 1-2 minute self-choreographed piece to present.
SINGING + PERFORMANCE Auditions: September 20, 2014 (@ Sweatshop Dance Studios) | 11am-1pm | (with possible call backs from 2pm-4pm | if needed).
Singers must have a 1-2 minute song to present acapella and actors must have a 1-2 minute monologue to present.
Please send head shot or links to online photos/video, resume, and availability for possible call back to casting@moistshow.com

Rehearsal schedule

Formal Rehearsals begins mid-September through October 2014. Not all dancers are needed at every rehearsal. Rehearsal schedule will be based on the availability of the cast.

Opening night

The Show Officially Opens on November 15th@ Casselman’s Bar & Venue, Denver. Post PremierePerformances will be once a month, 2nd show December 13th.

Cast + Characters Breakdown

Male characters

6-7 Male Dancers of all types and builds with strong dance/movement performance background (triple threat preferred but not necessary).

Female characters

Looking for 1-3 Female Dancers of all body types and builds (triple threat preferred but not necessary). Dancers must have a solid grounding in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop or other dance styles. Experienced dancers with good multi-disciplinary training and strong stage experience.

Singers + performers

1-2 Singer/Comedian/MC: looking for multi-talented performance artists.


Performers with strong athletic build and ability, experienced dancers with good training and strong stage experience, performers with strong multi-disciplinary dance techniques, backgrounds, with the ability to improvise or freestyle. Performers with strong acrobatic skills, B-Boy, capoeira, martial arts, or yoga are strongly encouraged to apply.

Choreographer + co-writer

Jacob Mora, Founder, Moraporvida Contemporary Dance

Casting director, writer, designer, director

Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA

For Questions, please write to us @ casting@moistshow.com

Moist is produced by Two Sisters Productions, LLC

Contact us

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